The Seven Lively Artists

The Seven Lively Artists, as photographed in June 2009 at Cape Cod.
Photo courtesy of Lisa Powis.

Right to Left - Paul Gallo, Robert Hughes, Brian Eppley, Jonathan Frazier, Dave Henry,
                        Dom Brandt, Steven Wetzel, Earl Blust, Don Lenker ( seated ),
                        John McNulty, and Ralph Hocker.

        The Seven Lively Artists are a group who travel, paint, and exhibit together.
They tend to paint "en plein air", capturing the scene as they experience it in the field.  

They paint many of the local landscapes, and have also made numerous trips to Maine,
Cape Cod, and
Tilgham Island.  

        They will have a summer show at the Cape Cod Museum of Art in 2010 that will
run concurrently with another exhibition of their work at the Pennsylvania Governor's

       An exhibition catalogue from their recent 50 year retrospective gives a detailed
history of the group and is available at the Cumberland County Historical Society in Carlisle PA.

Looking into the sun.... three painters on the windy beaches of Wellfleet race to capture the fading evening light.
L-R - Jonathan Frazier, Dave Henry ( by the water ) and Earl Blust.
Steve Wetzel and Robert Hughes ( not pictured ) were also present and painting.  Photo by Steve Wetzel.
Cape Cod, October 2008.

Earl Blust paints along the dock on Tilghman Island.  2005

Dave Henry brings along the music as he paints by the Broad Street Market.  2006

Easels on the beach.  The group is inspired by a sunset near Provincetown on Cape Cod.  2005.
L-R , John David Wissler, Robert Hughes, David Henry, and Steve Wetzel.

The gang sit down for a fireside chat at the end of a day of painting at the Warm Springs Lodge.  2005.
L-R ,  Ted Webber, Dom Brandt, Karl Foster, Jonathan Frazier, Don Lenker, Earl Blust, and J.D. Wissler.

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